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Integrity from Marvin
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Marvin Integrated Shades

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Marvin Integrated Shades

Elegant Functional Shades

Welcome to the Marvin Shades Gallery, where you'll find ideas and inspiration around the latest innovation from Marvin. Explore the palette of color options, move the shades up and down, left to right. Discover a new way to make your home a unique and stylish sanctuary.

Fully Integrated Shades

Integrate seamlessly with doors and windows without protruding into living space or interfering with hardware. Looks like part of the window or door and can be matched to Marvin interior finishes.

Integrated Shades - Marvin Windows

Another Marvin Innovation

Fully integrated shades are the latest Marvin product to come from a long history of innovation - four generations, in fact. For example, exclusive to Marvin, sliding doors remain operable while the shade is in use.

Unmatched Operability

Shades are incredibly smooth and easy to operate. There are no visible cords or pulleys. On doors, shade operation does not interfere with the lock or handle hardware.

A Turnkey Solution

When you choose Marvin shades, you get a one-stop shop - you don't even need to measure for installation, shade size is calculated by Marvin.

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